cowork buffalo

To our fellow co-workers:

CoworkBuffalo will be going out of business on Friday, Nov. 2, 2018. After that day, our space will not be available to customers, existing or new. We will spend the month of November emptying the space, cleaning up, and tying up all the loose ends of more than six years in business. We have answered some questions you might have about what that means for you a little further below.

We would be sad if this happened for any reason other than our need to move onto other projects and phases of our lives. Some of us already have. Our lease on our Main Street space is up at the end of November, and we can’t commit to providing people with the kind of space and community we want to give them for another year or more.

CoworkBuffalo has always been a part-time, off-hours project for the co-founders. We started a coworking space in 2012 because we wanted Buffalo to have one, as its tech scene was growing and more workers could do a wider variety of jobs while living in this city. We take pride in having paid the bills for this long, while causing all kinds of people to meet and work and plan things together.

We will miss seeing people help each other out when it was not their job to do so. We will miss the inside jokes, the people finding us from all over the country and world, the feeling of contributing in our small way to a still-growing part of downtown. And we will dearly miss having a default excuse to get lunch from Sue’s Deli.

Thank you to the roughly 300 people who came through our doors at one time or another, not including meet-ups and 30-hour VJ world record attempts. Thank you to the 107 Kickstarter backers who helped us move into this place. Thank you to everyone who hosted a meeting here, referred a friend, or said something nice about us, in-person or on social media. We hope we can answer any questions you have on this page.

~ The CoworkBuffalo partners (Kevin Purdy, Nick Quaranto, Kevin Christner, Mike Macaluso, Dan Magnuszewski)