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Free Friday, This Friday! - CoworkBuffalo Newsletter for October 2014



Good afternoon! It’s 54 degrees at CoworkBuffalo right now. It’s still sunny enough to bike downtown, to walk over to Sue’s for a cookie, and to keep polo shirts a viable thing for maybe the rest of the week. Let’s all enjoy this, before the time of sidewalk salt and red faces sets in.

As you soak up these last few rays, we’d like to tell you about a few things going on at CoworkBuffalo.

Free Friday, This Friday!

Want to get up, get downtown, drink some handmade coffee, and get that perfect blend of sociability and productivity? This Friday (Oct. 31, a.k.a. Halloween), you can do that for free at our spot. It’s been a while, but we’re bringing back Free Friday. It’s

Here’s how it works: 1. You show up, and we say hi to you. 2. You grab a seat and get some work done. 3. We don’t charge you anything.

Tell your friends, mark your calendar, see if your boss can do without you at arm’s length on Friday. And by all means, let people know by Facebook, Twitter, or whatever means you share stuff online. There might even be Halloween candy. And we might get this going on a regular basis again. We shall see!

Soundproof-ier than Before

Our 3 phone rooms were, until recently, sound dampening, but not quite sound proof. With your help, we’ve built up the funds and resolve to fix that.

Soundproof phone booth

We’ve tested the sound with our left-most booth, adding studio foam, stripping around the door and door draft, and blowing insulation in the walls. After a few tests, we’ll be doing the same to the other booths. We hope this makes CoworkBuffalo a better place to take a call, a conference, or … record a podcast?

Team/Coworker Discounts

We just added our second two-person team to the member roster at CoworkBuffalo. Friendly reminder: if you get someone else from your firm, startup, or some kind of connected entity to join up with you, you’ll both get a discount (starting at 15% for two people). As members, you’ll also get access to the conference table, TV or projector, and negotiable after-hours meeting time.


~ The CoworkBuffalo Nerds