cowork buffalo

Hey! CoworkBuffalo Has Some Pretty Big News

Come Dec. 2, CoworkBuffalo will be serving up its usual mix of strong Wi-Fi, smooth coffee, casual camaraderie, and community gathering space from a new location: 653 Main St., Suite 104. That’s right on soon-to-be-renovated Main Street, across from Shea’s Performing Arts Center. We are really excited.

None of us hit the lottery, and we’re not taking on investments. We are simply comfortable and confident in our coworking project, and its members, after more than a year of operation. We want to provide the kind of space that helps people get things done and feel good about coming downtown to work, so we found a bigger, more accommodating space, not too far from where we are now. You can see a few pictures of the space on the landlord’s site (until that link comes down).

Those of you who provided feedback on what we could do better and improve around here? We appreciate your input, and you should see a lot of it come to bear in our new space.

New Features

Some of the things we hope you’ll like at our new digs:

Timeline and Details You Should Know

Questions? Want to Help?

Got questions? Email us back at Interested in taking part in our move, like we were one of your college friends offering pizza and beverages? Same deal:

This hasn’t been the most secret of moves—we do our work on CoworkBuffalo right here at CoworkBuffalo. But now that things are signed and paid and ready to roll, we can’t wait to share more of our plans with you, very soon.

See you at the new space. Thank you for coming along with us.

~ The CoworkBuffalo Nerds