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Lets All Go To Sams Club - Cowork Buffalo Newsletter For June 2013



It’s a quiet Friday morning at CoworkBuffalo, but that’s a good excuse to vacuum, wipe down the desks, make some extra-snobbish coffee (Helsar De Zarcero, from Costa Rica, via Tonx), and write to all of our members and community supporters.

This summer has been a pretty busy one so far for CoworkBuffalo, and yet summer has just officially started. Let’s get into it.

News and New Stuff


New Stuff

What Can We Do Better?

It seems like most of our members are really nice people. Really nice people are forgiving, and might not tell you what you’re doing wrong. But treat us like a Starbucks for a moment, and tell us what you need to make working here as good or better than working from home. Fling us a quick email, or a tweet if it’s something small.

For your convenience, here is a reasonably short list of things we cannot replicate from your work-at-home experience:

As Always: Host Your Meetup Here

Want to host a meetup, meeting, workshop, or other event at CoworkBuffalo? Mail us at We’re usually free for community-minded and non-profit events, and surprisingly cheap for everything else. Members of CoworkBuffalo get priority access, and we can work with others to get them keys.

See you at the space,

~ The CoworkBuffalo Instigators