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December 2012 - What a Year



The first draft of this newsletter was written in an afternoon at CoworkBuffalo, where a waterfront entrepreneur, an indexer, a system adminstrator, a self-employed web marketing manager, and a dilettante web writer were finishing the last of the afternoon’s Colombian Ocamonte brew (sponsored by Doolli!). We collaborated on grammar questions, router repairs, business ideas, and other things that are way more fun than talking to oneself.

Which brings us to the point of this newsletter, and every newsletter, and every tweet and Facebook post and basically everything we do. We are four folks who are tremendously grateful that Buffalo has so many people who do interesting work, and want to do it with other people around. We appreciate your business, your energy, and, sometimes, your patience with a young team working in a somewhat new field.

As we head into 2013, let’s just say it a few more times: thank you, thank you, thank you.

The New Room: Team Desks, Casual Table, and Less Random Stuff!

Most people around here don’t use “Vilgot,” “Vika Amon,” or “Besta” in casual conversation. But CoworkBuffalo knows from IKEA, and we’ve just made another run to fill out our second office bay. That empty room next to the main space, where we keep random supplies and have occasional get-togethers? It’s full of Swedish-designed flat-pack boxes right now.

IKEA Boxes redux

When they’re assembled, and after a few remaining pieces are obtained, CoworkBuffalo’s new room will have:

And the main room gets a few upgrades, too: a “kitchen car” to hold coffee and dish supplies, freeing up another table, and more wall decorations, too. We’re excited.

Business and group discounts

CoworkBuffalo is a great place to host meetups and small events. We are the home for bfloFRED (Buffalo Front-End Developers Meetup), OpenHack nights, Buffalo Learning to Code, and quite a few team meetings, weekend projects, and other fun.

Want to host a meetup, meeting, workshop, or other event at CoworkBuffalo? Mail us at We’re usually free for community-minded and non-profie events, and surprisingly cheap for everything else.

See you in 2013 everybody,

~ The CoworkBuffalo Instigators