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October/November 2012 - Double the Coworking



I know, I know. It was Oct. 31, you were drinking warm cider, handing out candy (or unused emergency canned goods), and enjoying the 142 photos of your Facebook friends’ kids. And then it crept up on you, like that kid on Facebook dressed like Spider-Man: “Wait—where was the CoworkBuffalo newsletter this month?”

Suffice to say, a holiday, a storm, and a big upgrade at CoworkBuffalo (read on!) delayed our important dissemination of news related to Suite 10. But we’re glad we have so much good news to share. Onward!

CoworkBuffalo Is Literally 100% Bigger

Some days it’s quiet at CoworkBuffalo, and some days we need more chairs. Such is the nature of coworking. But the founders, and a good number of customers and prospective members, have asked about having more space, more casual space, standing desks, and a different room for after-hours events. So we decided to do something about that.

We acquired Suite 9, formerly the offices of Monster Assembly, in mid-October. We’re working on filling it with more relaxation-oriented seating (known in Latin as a “Usedus Couchus”), a good spot for eating lunch, and some standing desks. Anyone can step over into Suite 9 for Skype calls or other needs right now, but it should be much better very soon.

Meetings and After-Hours Events

CoworkBuffalo is a great place to host meetups and small events. We’re now the home for bfloFRED (Buffalo Front-End Developers Meetup), OpenHack nights, Buffalo Learning to Code, and quite a few team meetings, weekend projects, and, well, Apple product announcements (we’re not made of stone).

Want to host a meetup, meeting, workshop, or other event at CoworkBuffalo? Mail us at We’re usually free for community-minded events, and surprisingly cheap for everything else.

Announcements, Upgrades, To-Do List

What Else Should We Do With Our Space?

You all are the reason we’re here, and your support means a lot to us. We want to make this space great for people: great for getting things done, great for the community.

Got an idea, a crazy notion, or a small suggestion for what could go into our expansion space? Let us know! Reply to this email, mail, or tweet at @coworkbuffalo.

See you this month,

~ The CoworkBuffalo Instigators