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August 2012 - Wait, Seriously, It's Almost September?



Hello again from 225 Delaware Ave., Suite 10!

It’s been a busy few months at CoworkBuffalo, enough so that July’s newsletter (and associated meetup) just kept on passin’ us by. Like the Pharcyde song, but without the sax break. Anyways! We have more interesting people from more fields working at our space, and we’re just really glad to see the word get out and have people keep coming back. Now, down to business.

Second mixer!

Remember that moment when, after you start a new job, you get your first invitation to hang out with the “crew” outside of work? Well, this is that moment. Unless you went to our first mixer, in which case, this is Déjà vu.

You’re invited to join us for free beer, soda, and snacks at the space:

Announcements, upgrades, and our to-do list

Here’s what’s new at CoworkBuffalo:

Recent changes

Coming soon

What can we do better?

We want to hear from folks who have been to or toured CoworkBuffalo what we can do to make it better. We’re just four people, and we’re trying to do something more than just a bunch of office sub-lets.

Ping us at with thoughts, questions, considerations, and items for our to-do, to-buy, and to-brew list.

~ The CoworkBuffalo Instigators