cowork buffalo

June 2012 - Crafted by the Engineers



Hello from 225 Delaware Ave., Suite 10! If you’re getting this, that means one of three things:

As for who we are, you’ve likely met at least one or two of us. Generally, we’re four folks who like to work downtown, work around other people, and work to make Buffalo a better place, even if it’s just one or two office spaces at a time. Here’s the roster:

Our first social mixer!

Coworking is about getting people together. We want you to join us during the day, but we know how hard it is to carve out time to visit or socialize. Unless there are free drinks and snacks.

Which there will be! From 4-6pm, Thursday, June 21, at CoworkBuffalo (225 Delaware Ave., Buffalo, we’ll be closing our laptops, loading the projector with undetermined silliness, and inviting our truly dear customers and interested visitors to check out the space and have a beer, root beer, or iced tea on us.

RSVP through Doodle by “voting” for the only date option we gave you there, or simply RSVP to this email with a quick “Yes” or “Sorry!” or “[Ich werde da sein mit Glocken auf meine Person]( en Ich%20werde%20da%20sein%20mit%20Glocken%20auf%20meine%20Person)!” We hope you can make it, and we will hold up nearly any excuse if your boss asks why you’re cutting out early.

Announcements, upgrades, and our to-do list

We’re a young space, just over a month old. But like the modern urban artist Rick Ross, almost every day we are working to derive greater value for our coworkers through effort and consideration. (That’s what Rick Ross is known for, right? I asked my uncle, who’s a semi-pro Wikipedia editor).

Recent changes

Coming soon

What can we do better?

We want to hear from folks who have been to or toured CoworkBuffalo what we can do to make it better. We’re just four people, and we’re trying to do something more than just a bunch of office sub-lets.

Ping us at with thoughts, questions, considerations, and items for our to-do, to-buy, and to-brew list.

~ The CoworkBuffalo Instigators